Ducool India provides innovative & cost effective air treatment systems

DuCool India, an Advantix Systems company, provides innovative, efficient air treatment solutions to industrial and commercial customers. For over twenty years, DuCool has helped customers across the globe to raise their productivity by optimizing their climate solutions while reducing their energy consumption.

Innovative Dehumidification Systems, Industrial dehumidifiers & Cooling

The DuCool dehumidification system combines natural liquid desiccant with a refrigeration cycle, enabling independent treatment of temperature and humidity. The result is energy cost savings of up to 80 percent plus significant advantages in air disinfection.

Cost effective Air Handling Units

DuCool’s systems are extremely efficient in their ability to handle large quantities of outside air and/or frequent air changes when compared to standard air handling units systems. Additional benefits include cleaner air in a single pass, with the removal of particulates and airborne micro organisms.

Efficient Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning

DuCool’s unique and revolutionary liquid desiccant technology is specifically designed to address industrial and commercial dehumidification and cooling needs in challenging climatic conditions.